Monday, November 12, 2007

News from the Fish Bowl

Hey everybody, it's D.G.D. I'm popping in a moment to introduce Lucky the Goldfish, another of my pals here at Sci Fi Catholic Central. She's pretty shy and the rest of us have a hard time getting her out of her bowl, as it were, but she's agreed to compile a regular news column for the blog. Since I have a hard time catching news as it happens, I thought a regular feature might be a better idea, and I finally egged Lucky into heading it up. Don't forget to check her profile to learn her interesting back story.

--D. G. D.

National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month, a time during which, apparently many amateur writers try to start and finish a novel in just thirty days. I think D. G. D. did that once and the result, if I recall, was quite horrible. Keith Strohm has an entertaining article on this monthly event. Keep in mind, however, that professional writers from the Science Fiction Writers of America once wrote an entire bad novel over a weekend, so the pros still have the amateurs beat.

Incidentally, the official website of that purposely bad novel is here. It's extremely funny.

Catholic Bishop Favors Legalizing Prostitution

And in case you thought there was enough scandal in the Church these days, here's more. (Hat tip: SOV2). I thought bishops usually had to have degrees in theology, but this one apparently cut his ethics classes.

Brave New World Approaches

When you offer people abortion on demand, people practice eugenics. Estimates are that 80-90% of fetuses diagnosed with Downs Syndrome are aborted, according to this article in World Magazine. (Hat tip: EegahInc.) Couple that with Norwegian psychologists who advise Kindergarten instructors to encourage children to engage in erotic behavior, mix in some test tubes and legal narcotics, and you have a future world envisioned by Aldous Huxley.


In more sci-fiey news, SFScope reports today that Nancy Kress has three new books coming out in 2008.

SFScope also reports a few sf/f/h movies have done well at the box office.

And that's all for me for now!

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