Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Review Coming

D.G.D.: Seems we haven't had many kid flick reviews around here, and Snuffles wants to see this one.

Snuffles: I'm mildly interested.

D.G.D.: I don't really want to go because I feel funny walking up to the ticket window and saying, "One grown adult and one stuffed animal for the kid movie, please," but because of Utah's speciesist dragon leash law, I have to go with Snuffles, so this will be another dual review.

Snuffles: Also known as The Double Deuce

D.G.D.: No. No, it isn't. But anyway, if you wondered why we didn't post yesterday, we'll just claim it's because we were gearing up for this review.

Snuffles: And because you wanted to play video games instead.

D.G.D.: Well, hey, aren't I supposed to have a news lady who posts on Monday anyway?

Snuffles: Yes, but she's busy crying her eyes out because of all the mean stuff you've said about her on the blog lately.

D.G.D.: How can you tell she's crying?

Snuffles: Haven't you noticed how her bowl keeps overflowing?

D.G.D.: Oh...I just thought, you know, her cup runneth over.

Snuffles: You thought...? Deej, have I called you a moron today?

D.G.D.: Today? I don't recall--

Snuffles: Good. You're a moron!!!

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