Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm Back

Good news. I saw a doctor and whatever it is, it's not carpal tunnel (bad news is we don't know yet what it is). Apparently, I'm too young for carpal tunnel.

I was not told to stop typing, and I spent too darn much money on this keyboard to stop typing anyway, so now that I've had a nice week to sit back, read comic books, and rest my hands, I have returned. We'll start posting regularly again beginning tomorrow. We have to--it was too disheartening to watch the blog sink from Flippery Fish to Multicellular Microorganism in just a week.

Besides, Snuffles was supposed to run things while I was gone, but he apparently thought he also had a week off to sit back and read comic books, which I find annoying since that's about all he does anyway. Now that I've learned Drunken Boxing, I'll give his tail a sound kicking and make him review that movie he forced me to watch last weekend.
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