Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Saints' Day

Well, Halloween went well. As usual, most of hte household members were unimaginative with their costumes. Snuffles went as a dragon, Frederick went as a unicorn, Phenny went as a gold-and-red-and-purple bird of paradise, and Lucky stayed home as a goldfish. Rocky, who we haven't heard from in over a month, probably went as a mouse, assuming he hasn't been caught. Speaking of which, about two months ago we got a brief message from him that I might as well share:

Things going okay. Astronauts now know of my existence as they have found grain is missing. Now moving from silo to ventilation system. Expect to be safe there for a while. Have nearly figured out secret plans. Will report soon. Running low on food, but have found way into cold storage lockers. Very dangerous, though. Believe secret Mars base involves rendezvous with hostile aliens. May be conspiracy. In case I don't contact you next month, happy Halloween.

From Mars,

Rocky the Space Mouse

And of course, in the midst of the festivities, Snuffles asked the same question he asks every year: "Why is it called 'Fun Size' if it's smaller?"

So anyway, today is of coure the Mass of All Saints, of which Halloween is the vigil. I hope all the Catholics have a good Mass and that everyone else has a good post-Halloween.

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