Friday, October 12, 2007

Plague of Gnats

I'm just about home and will shortly be able to put up regular posts again. Snuffles is supposed to be running the blog while I'm gone, but he's probably lounging around and reading manga and eating junk food instead.

Here in the field, we've encountered some interesting gnats. They're enormous, they apparently like cool fall weather, and they have some sort of tragic love affair with human mucus membranes. I'm trying to work and these little bugs are following me; I shout at them, "You're cute and all but I'm just not into that!" And they shout back, "But I have a proboscis and you have an eyeball! We were meant to be together!" Then they fly up my nose.

Where did these swarms of gnats come from so late in the year? I can only conclude along with Jannes and Jambres that this is the finger of God.
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