Monday, October 1, 2007

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Claw of the Conciliator has today gathered together a fine list of resources on a conspiracy theory movie claiming Jesus didn't exist.

Meanwhile, the Spirit of Vatican 2 "Catholic" Faith Community has item?

The Happy Catholic is a "Cool Lightweight Nerd," which still puts me near the top of the pile, I think.

John C. Wright, always one for unusual viewpoints, has expressed such an unusual viewpoint that it at first appears facetious. The whole conversation is worth reading. I don't agree with him (and he briefly lays out a major reason why someone might not), but it's certainly thought-provoking. Here's an interesting quote from an anonymous contributor to the conversation: "The man who does not feel jealousy for his wife does not love her. A man who watches his wife kiss another man erotically and feels anything but jealousy and passion, does not love his wife. A man feels jealousy because he knows that is wife is valuable and desirable and he does not want to share." If I may dare to to present a disagreement with Wright, my clear intellectual superior, I might say he has missed the fact that society's laws must not only promote the common good and welfare but also align themselves as well as possible with Natural Law. A major divergence from Natural Law based on present circumstances sets a dangerous precedent, probably leading to the belief that ethics can be discarded whenever circumstances warrant, which is to say, a complete lack of ethics.

And on a similar note, American Papist, who wins the official D.G.D. Coolest Catholic Blog Title Award, and who has at least once cast a suspicious eye on all those Catholic sci-fi fan bloggers surrounding and perhaps even besieging him, has given a notice as to the movements of the esteemed Dawn Eden, who appears to be almost single-handedly repairing American Christians' deficient understanding of sexual ethics. Heck, even Albert Mohler interviewed her once.
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