Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Bananas of Revenge Catholic Geek Crossover Meme

Has The Sci Fi Catholic gone bananas?

D.G.D.: It began when a guy calling himself Che' Lovell decided to write his own version of The Grapes of Wrath, entitled The Bananas of Revenge, a play in two acts. It continued when he challenged me and EegahInc of The B-Movie Catechism to review it. Well, EegahInc wrote a clever and hilarious review, though he doesn't seem to understand what the play is about: I mean, it's supposed to be The Grapes of Wrath and he treats it as if it's supposed to be Attack of the Fifty-foot Banana. Oh, he also has a cool photograph accompanying his review, so I figured I better get one of those, too. Here's what I got:

Yeah. Pretty sad, huh? Well, EegahInc may have all the movie knowledge, but I have...the dragon!

Snuffles the Dragon: Enter the dragon.

D.G.D.: I know you've been waiting years to say that.

Snuffles: I have. Thank you.

D.G.D.: Would you like to review Che''s play?

Snuffles: Would you stop using two apostrophes to make his name plural? That's really ticking me off.

D.G.D.: Sorry. Would you like to review Che's play?

Snuffles: No. Absolutely not. And I'm not going to let you review it, either.

D.G.D.: Wha...? W-why?

Snuffles: Because I refuse to do anything for the Spirit of Vatican 2 "Catholic" Faith Community until they agree to hold the Dragons' Rights Protest!

D.G.D.: But Snuffles....

Snuffles: Aren't I a persun? Don't I got rights? Aren't I hurting inside? Don't I need luv?

D.G.D.: Aww, Snuffles, I never knew. C'mere, big guy--

Snuffles: Auggh!! Hands off!!!

D.G.D.: Ow! For a stuffed animal, you've got a lot of hard and pointy parts!

Snuffles: Listen up, Deej: if that Che' guy wants his play reviewed on this blog and not just parodied, the SOV2 will have to get its butt in gear for the sake of disenfranchised dragons everywhere. But in the meantime, I will allow a meme.

D.G.D.: You don't mean....?

Snuffles: No, I meme. What are you, deaf? Here's the deal, and I won't forget EegahInc suggested it: it's called the Bananas of Revenge Catholic Geek Crossover Meme. Those who participate will have to visit Che's play and read either act or both (you can read Act I here and Act II here) and review it, comment on it, or make fun of it. The play is not very long but very funny.

D.G.D.: Who ya gonna meme?

Snuffles: Catholic geeks, of course. Let's see...I choose Peter of With a Grain of Salt, Keith Strohm of From the Shattered Drum, and because he's a Nerd God, Father Erik Richtsteig of Orthometer.

D.G.D.: Good choices.

Photo by Accordion Chick.
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