Saturday, July 28, 2007

Uploading an image for the blog...

Now that the last Harry Potter novel has come and gone, I've eliminated the ad and done some rearranging of the badges on this site, which have grown so numerous as to become congested. Maintenance has been needed here for a while; I'm planning to replace most of the giant badges with smaller ones and see about getting smaller versions of some of the widgets as well, or finding more attractive or sensible places to put them. In the meantime, I've moved our link to the CSFF Blog Tour to the spot on the sidebar with our other badges, and I've added this banner to the top:

I'm also planning at some point to beef up and reorganize the BlogRolls so we'll distinguish author and fan blogs from each other, and maybe lay and clerical blogs as well. There are also a whole bunch of blogs I want to add to the rolls but haven't yet. I'm also intending to add in the CSFF BlogRoll and maybe a few other such specialty rolls as well.
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