Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New E-Mail Subscription Plan and Explanations of the Shameless Bar

The number of widgets on this blog is getting positively obscene; I may have to do some clean-up in the near future. If you find this blog takes an hour to load every time you look at it, let me know.

Anyway, you've probably noticed the shameless "Please do my advertising for me" box on the sidebar, right underneath our trademark Rocket Mitre. New in the Shameless Box is a little form whereby you can receive notifications via e-mail whenever I update the blog. For the sake of saving space, I've eliminated the "Subscribe to the Sci Fi Catholic by Email" button, but you can still subscribe to the FeedBurner feed via e-mail; you'll just have to click the big orange button like everybody else from now on.

I might as well tell you about some of the other buttons over there:

The "Bookmark" button takes you to a handy page where you can bookmark The Sci Fi Catholic on any bookmarking service.

The "Get My Widget" button enables you to put a widget on your own site that features my handsome mug and the titles of recent posts (that one's really shameless). According to my stats, someone's actually done this. That boggles me. Incidentally, that's not the only way to get a Sci Fi Catholic widget: if you click the "subscribe" button, you'll see the option of putting my content on your site via one of FeedBurner's SpringWidgets. So if you're considering letting my blog take over your blog (it's like The Blob that way), you now have a choice.

Also, there's the "Send this Page to a Friend" button. That one lets you send my page via e-mail to up to three friends, kind of like a chain letter. By the way, if you don't click this button within three minutes, YOU WILL BE HIT BY A CEMENT TRUCK AND YOU WILL NEVER GET MARRIED. The company producing this button gave me the opportunity to use it to harvest e-mail addresses. I did not take that opportunity, so if you get any spam, it isn't from me. But on a completely unrelated note, have you seen our summer catalog?

And of course there's the "Blogroll Me!" button, which sounds rather desperate to my ears. This makes it easier to add The Sci Fi Catholic to your blogroll if you have a blogroll from BlogRolling. Consider it a courtesy rather than a beg. I mean, who likes to have to open his own BlogRolling account?

Then there's good ol' Technorati, which not only lets you search this blog, as if you had a hard time doing that yourself or with the Blogger bar, but also enables you to add us to your Technorati favorites.

Oh, and if you do subscribe to our feed, don't forget to subscribe to the Comments Feed courtesy of HaloScan.

Does anybody know why all these blog add-ons have capital letters in their middles? I feel like I'm reading BattleTech novelizations again.
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