Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Spider Man 3 News from Sci Fi

Sci Fi Weekly has a lot of news on Spider-Man 3, as you can imagine. The movie is opening this Friday, and it may very well be the most anticipated sf film of the summer.

The Spider-Man movies so far have been impressively good. Sam Raimi, who's best known for his Evil Dead movies, but who I will always love best for The Quick and the Dead, has an impressive skill for making cheesy stuff look good. Nobody does CGI superheroes, awkward love stories, and slasher scenes quite like Raimi.

I expect this film to be a disappointment after the impressive but overwrought Spider-Man 2. The new film has a serious case of overcrowding--three villains. The only other three-villain superhero movie I can think of is Batman and Robin. Surely they don't want to remind us of that?

Well, there's also Superman II, the best of the original Superman films, but those three were working together as a team. Surely Sandman, Venom, and Hobgoblin are not going to be getting along?

I don't know a lot of Spidey lore; some time back, I put up a predicted outline plot for the new film based on my mistaken notion that Sandman and Venom were the same person (that is, Sandman became Venom when he stepped in the alien symbiont Spider-Man had carelessly left lying around. Don't blame me; both villains have the same hair). Sometimes, if I may say so, my mistakes are halfway decent ideas. Having Sandman become Venom could have made this new movie more streamlined. Not only would it reduce the villains to two, but Spidey could then defeat Sandman by promising love to the symbiont, who would then leave Sandman, ripping away part of his body and causing him to be unable to maintain his shape. Good, huh?

My mistaken outline also included Gwen Stacey's death. I knew she bit it sometime back in the comic books, so I figured they'd be working her in for a tear-jerker death in this movie, but the articles at Sci Fi suggest her appearance is brief.

Anyway, what I'm wonder is, with three villains, is this movie going to be three hours long? I don't really have the sitzfleisch for today's overextended Hollywood movies. I'll sit three hours for Ben-Hur or The Ten Commandments, but do I really have to do it for Titanic or King Kong?

Oh, and it seems Tobey Maguire is making a movie, Tokyo Suckerpunch, about a manga writer. Snuffles, as you can imagine, is bouncing off the walls. I've never seen a dragon so crazy for manga....
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