Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts on Virginia Tech

I know this is mostly a blog about Sci-fi/fantasy, however I think a few thoughts ought to be mentioned about the shooting at Virginia tech.

My heart is so very grieved for the families, faculty, and students of Virginia Tech. When I stop and think about what if this had happened at my small campus of Corban College? It would be devestating, our sense of security absolutely shattered. I can't begin to imagine the grief these people must feel.

I saw a group on Facebook and was once again grieved. A group called "Praying for VA Tech" had good intentions, but no sooner was it formed than a huge religious discussion formed. For just a moment I would ask you to set aside your religious beliefs. Forget about that for just a moment. These people are hurting. They need to be comforted and perhaps, you reaching out to them in love will do more than anything else to bring them to a knowledge of faith. However, I would caution you that if you go attempt to help these people with the intent of evangelism it will only scare them off. So for just one moment set aside all other needs and minister to emotional needs. These people have suffered a huge devestating loss. Imagine what it might have looked like if it happened on your campus.
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