Tuesday, April 3, 2007

D. G. D., where are you?

I haven't been as consistent in the posts lately. I'll use Holy Week as my excuse, and in a way it is, because I'm preparing my conversion story for the Catholic Converts Blog (that is, I will post it to The Sci Fi Catholic and send them the link). It's sort of long, so I'm going to post it in three chunks, and my plan is to get it out on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday, which is the one-year anniversary of my being Catholic. I'll be talking about sf, so that should at least make it the weirdest conversion story on Catholic Converts.

To keep you satisfied in the meantime, does everyone know about John C. Wright? I don't know his theology and it sounds as if it might be kind of screwy, but one way or the other, he's a scholar and and a gentleman, a science fiction writer and a first-rate Christian apologist. He writes like a cross between hip modernity and eloquent Victorianism. He's one of those guys whose writing on Christianity is almost a physical pleasure to read, much like that of Lewis or Chesterton.

Wright recently had an argument with a self-proclaimed Satanist and posted it to his blog. I think you will enjoy it. Pay special attention to his comments on the dignity of women and the Christian view of sexuality. Wright sounds quite Catholic on these issues, or at least, I never heard statements like this from a Protestant. Certainly you don't hear many Protestants praising Marian icons, anyway.
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