Thursday, March 22, 2007

March Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour, Day 3

And the book of the month for this month's Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour is Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson. For today's sample of what you ought to look at at, Randy Ingermanson's website, check out the statistical analysis of the wild claims about the so-called Jesus family tomb. We've been talking about that here a lot, so go see what he has to say. Ingermanson makes it into a bigger issue than it is: the tomb and its contents are actually old news. We'll forgive him for that, though--as he points out himself, that's the job of the archaeologists. What Ingermanson focuses on is the stats, and he comes to the conclusion that they were not done well. I'll just have to trust him on that one, because that's not a job for an archaeologist so much. At least not for this one.

Some of his "historical" arguments are not the best. The book of Jude is considered pseudepigraphical by some, though not by all, but the book of John is typically attributed not to the disciple whom Jesus loved, but rather a disciple of that disciple, or a disciple of that disciple, or a community that the disciple Jesus loved founded, so Ingermanson's argument that the author of John had to outlive the Judah buried in the tomb is incorrect. And there is actually a theological reason why Jesus wouldn't have children, though I would expect it to escape most Evangelicals.
He also makes the mistake of assuming it's not unlikely that Jesus' family would have a family tomb in Jerusalem. In fact, it's very unlikely, given their social status and that they lived in Nazareth.

Except for those quibbles, he says some things in the essay that appear, from the point of view of the non-expert like me, to decimate the assumptions on which the documentary's statistics are based.

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