Thursday, March 1, 2007

Former Canadian Defense Minister Wants to Halt Global Warming with...UFOs?

Um...I'm not even sure if this is real.

But in case it is, has a news article claiming that former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer has argued that extraterrestrial technology is mankind's last best hope to stop global warming. He suggests that some governments, presumably the American, "come clean" (pun presumably intended) and reveal the secret alien pollution-reversing technology they're letting languish in Arizonan Air Force bases.

Well, The Sci Fi Catholic is flabbergasted, to say the least. I'm all for sf, of course, but let's keep it in the books and movies, shall we? Now here's the big question: Has the esteemed Mr. Hellyer read too much science fiction...or too little? Does sf remove one's grasp on reality or give a firmer grasp through a constant reintroduction to real vs. unreal? Does this question actually have anything to do with Hellyer or is he suffering from some other problem?

Perhaps more disturbing than Hellyer's comments are the comments at Apparently, some readers there take this seriously. As already indicated by The Da Vinci Code, many people today have a tenuous grasp on reality.

And besides, if Hellyer had seen The Arrival, he'd know that alien technology doesn't fix global warming, it causes global warming. I mean, duh.
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