Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cameron's Pseudoscience Documentary

James Cameron is known for directing a few good sf films, particularly The Terminator and Aliens. He's still making science fiction, but now he's claiming it's real science.

Cameron's latest fakeumentary is actually old news recycled. A number of ossuaries (bone boxes) discovered in Israel some time back have an interesting set of inscriptions: Mary, Joseph, (possibly) Jesus, Judah, and another that has been interpreted, on shaky ground, as Mary Magdalene.

Cameron's show claims this is Jesus, his parents, his wife, and his son.

The folks at Biblical Archaeology Society were kind enough to give me a set of links to news items on the issue, and so I pass them on to you. The New York Times has a decent article.

The Jerusalem Post has an interview with Dr. Amos Kloner, who first excavated the tomb, and who thinks the claims of Cameron's documentary are bogus.

Towers Online reports on an interview Larry King had with Dr. Albert Mohler, a Southern Baptist much opposed to Cameron's claims. I'm not sure why Mohler was in the interview; he's hardly an archaeological expert. The Catholic News Service, by contrast, had the good sense to talk to an actual archaeologist.

The names on the ossuaries are common, and the one reconstructed as "Jesus" may have been reconstructed inaccurately. You can pretty much chalk this up as another pseudoscience attack on Christianity, similar to others that have come out in recent years.
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