Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Prayer (inspired by Wyoming Youth Retreat)

I dedicate my entire life to you.
Take all my work, resting, and leisure.
May my hobbies and enjoyments reflect your goodness and purity,
And never consume me with idleness.

Inspire us to answer your call to our vocations.
Fill your Church with dedicated and holy
Priests, Religious, dedicated singles, and married people.

Lord, teach us to pray.
May our lives be characterized by prayer.

Lord, teach me to esteem others as better than myself.
In disagreements and arguments, may I remain humble and charitable,
And give honest consideration to others' opinions.
May I respect the opinions of my elders as thoughts coming from those
Wiser than myself.

Blessed Mary Ever Virgin,
Pray for the Church that she may be pure,
That her children may be orthodox in belief and behavior.

Lord, make us hunger for your sacraments.
May we grow closer to you through frequent confession and communion.
May our participation in sacramentals also draw us closer to you by reminding us
Of your grace and goodness.

Lord, protect us from the twin evils of liberalism and close-minded traditionalism.

Holy family and all the saints,
Pray for us.
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