Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Theory on Jewish Temple Location

Etgar Lefkovitz at the Jerusalem Post reports that archaeologist Joseph Patrich has produced a new theory of where exactly on the Temple Mount the Second Temple was located. There are a number of theories on this, based on Josephus, the existing architecture, and some wacky ideas; the theories range from good to conspiracy-type. Anyway, this one is based on the discovery of a cistern that Dr. Patrich argues allows for a reconstruction of the temple location. Check it out:

An Israeli archeologist said Wednesday that he has pinpointed the exact location of the Second Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount.

The site identified by Hebrew University archeologist Prof. Joseph Patrich, based on the study of a large underground cistern on the Temple Mount and passages from the Mishna, places the Temple and its corresponding courtyards, chambers and gates in a more southeasterly and diagonal frame of reference compared to previous studies. [more...]

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