Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Global Warming is Man-made

By now you've all heard the news that scientists gathered in Paris have concluded that global-warming is serious and manmade. Seth Borenstein with AP News reports:

PARIS - A long-awaited report says global warming is "very likely"
man-made, the most powerful language ever used on the issue by the world's
leading climate scientists, delegates who have seen the report said Thursday. [more...]

And they've also connected the weather change to increased hurricanes:

PARIS - Global warming has made stronger hurricanes, including those in the
Atlantic such as Katrina, an authoritative panel on climate change has concluded
for the first time, participants in the deliberations said Thursday. [more...]

For most, this is probably "no duh" news, but this is a particularly hefty scientific body this time. Many of my fellow Christians, for reasons I don't fathom, have long resisted the concept of global warming, perhaps because they mistakenly associate it with other ideas they disagree with, or perhaps because they're in bed with the Republican Party. A reasonable and Christian response is to accept expert opinion and respond accordingly.

Global warming has long been a subject of sf. We all remember the unfortunate movie Waterworld and the ridiculous The Day After Tomorrow. More respectable are Kim Stanley Robinson's Antarctica and Forty Signs of Rain.
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