Friday, January 26, 2007


And for anyone checking this blog, here's a quick update:

I will review Arthur and the Invisibles tomorrow if it kills me.

I may review Children of Men in the coming week.

The essays on Glasshouse and Bone 5 are still in the works, but they're coming. I just got some anthropological info that will tie into Glasshouse quite nicely, and I'll see if I can dig up Ritzer's Enchanting a Disenchanted World, a book of sociological theory that also relates. I hope that piques your interest. As for Bone, expect not just a review but a philosophical extraction that will coincidentally be part 2 of our irregular series, "Faith and Fantasy." Other essays on similar topics are in rough form and will appear as they are completed.

On improving-of-the-site business, the Sci Fi Catholic is now proud owner of the domain name That means that, in the near future, it will be easier to find us when we have a web page going with a link to this blog, though we're gonna try to keep because, well, it's got my name on it. Also, cosmetic changes will continue, and hopefully, by the time the book reviews and essays roll around, we'll be an Amazon associate able to present you with some pleasing graphics and links. We should also be joining some sf webrings. On the graphics issue, we're trying to figure out how permissions work to display images from other sites here, especially to go with movie reviews and news articles. We like to respect rights, since the Sci Fi Catholic is an author himself who likes to have his rights respected. If we can't display pretty pictures, we'll at least try to link lots of pretty pictures, and maybe take a few of our own.

Also in exciting news: we will be getting at least one new blogger on the blog, so you won't have to listen to D. G. D. all the, sort of. Others may potentially sign up as well.

Oh, and furthermore, my subscription to Locus lapse. Don't tell anyone. We'll fix that soon and be better able to keep you up on sf news. In the meantime, check the link on the right to the SFWA. Hopefully, we'll have some news items for you tomorrow or very soon.
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