Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Semitic Text in Egypt Recently Translated

And for breaking news from the Jerusalem Post, an ancient text from Saqqara in Egypt that previously baffled translators has now been discovered to be Semitic, the oldest (about 5,000 years old) Semitic incription to be translated. It's a magical text designed to protect the dead from snakes. According to the article, the spells were imported from Byblos, and some scholars anticipate that the text may help with the translation of some obscure biblical words. Good. Maybe they'll figure out if those "hairy ones" are really goat-demons.

Here's an update on what's coming up: look for a movie review of Arthur and the Invisibles this week followed in the near future by an essay on the post-cyberpunk works of Charles Stross and their relationship to modern morality and Christian ideology.
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