Sunday, January 14, 2007

Breaking News....

I have just gotten word that the full-color edition of Bone volume 5, Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border, is in stores now. Last I heard, it was due out in February, but Bone books have a strange habit of showing up early. Apparently, it appeared in stores February 10, according to Smith's website.

This is, to be honest, my least favorite volume in the series (the main protagonist is completely absent, and what's up with that?). Nonetheless, it's got plenty of exciting action and makes a good deal of progress on unravelling all the mysteries behind the story's shenanigans. It is also, or so I get from some fellow fans who claim to have heard from Smith on the subject, the "philosophical center" of the series, though in my opinion, that doesn't mean much. After I get my hands on it, I'll put up a review of the new color edition. If the previous volumes are any indication, the color will be superb.
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